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Our Journey

The idea for Whatever Is Lovely started years ago, during my own wedding in 2012.

My mother and I put on the entire wedding (for almost 400 people!) ourselves. Linens, floral, invitations, coordinating the day-of...we handled it all. While it was an AMAZING day that I will always cherish and remember, one memory I can’t seem to shake is that I have no pictures of my mother zipping me in to my wedding dress. I have no memories of our families mingling together, relaxing and  enjoying the entire day, since they all were going above and beyond to help create and put together my perfect day. It was then that I realized no bride should have to experience the same.

And so, Whatever Is Lovely Events was brought to life! Whether you have a vision for your perfect day, or you’d like to collaborate and create one together, we are there to bring your dreams to reality.

We can’t wait to connect with you!

KC Wedding Planner



Meet Rachael

Hey y’all! I’m Rachael... 

Wedding Planner and Designer here at Whatever Is Lovely Events.

I’m Southern - born and raised - and have a deep affection for food (but really, tacos), coffee, crafting and kindness. Wedding Planning is never something I saw in my future, but now that it’s here...I’m in love!

I love Love! The joy that I get to experience with each of our clients is a feeling that’s priceless and unforgettable. I can’t ever imagine doing anything different. Make sure to reach out soon, even if it’s just to coffee and chat.

I’m excited to meet you!



well hi y'all! I'm rebekah!

Wedding Planner and Designer with Whatever Is Lovely Events.

I'm Southern - born and raised!  (Is this starting to sound familiar?!) I just so happen to be Rachael's baby sister! I have a deep appreciation for all things artistic: photography, painting, calligraphy, reading, and of course, planning. I've been around the wedding world for quite a while, and have seen just about every side of it, but this is definitely what I love most. 

I am a complete sucker for happy endings! As a former DIY bride, I know the benefit a wedding planner can offer...I've been there, and I get it! I live for the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, and would live in that moment forever if I could. Let's grab coffee - my treat! - and get to know each other. 

I can’t wait to hear your story!

KC Wedding Planner