A Lovely Beginning...

The idea for Whatever Is Lovely Events started taking shape about five years ago, the night before my own wedding. My mom and I were still awake at 3 a.m. pulling together the final touches on the flowers and cake we DIY’d. (But really, putting the final touches on the top layer of the cake, because the bottom layers were all Styrofoam – more on that later!) There in the wee hours of the morning, downing my sixth cup of coffee I thought, “There just HAS to be a better way!” And here we are!


My family and I literally did most the entire wedding ourselves: linens, floral, invitations, baking, coordinating and decorating…you name it! So the evening before, instead of relaxing with my ladies and getting a good night’s sleep, my family and I were at the venue laying tablecloths, tying chair sashes, and setting up centerpieces. Once we got home began the real work! We started baking my three tiered, polka dotted cake (Fun fact…I love EVERYTHING polka-dotted!) By 2 am, we had finished favors and programs, and were wrapping up the last of the floral. The cake had cooled and it was time to decorate. (Personal side note…my mother and I are so accident prone, especially together. She has an extensive background in baking, and I in food service, so this cake should have been easy-peasy.) Nope! No way! Murphy’s Law was in full effect here. Fondant wouldn’t wrap, the bottom layers began crumbling, and we dropped a layer to the floor. So here we are, 3 am wedding morning COVERED in flour and fondant with one single top tier of cake left, wondering, “Now what?” Thankfully, my mother – the craftiest wizard there ever was! – found some leftover Styrofoam from a past project and decided to decorate it as a ‘faux cake.’ Within 3 minutes, she was already on the phone with Hy-vee brokering a deal for sheet cakes to compensate for the crumbled layers of deliciousness on the floor. She sent me on to bed as she worked to manage the last few pieces coming together. While it was an AMAZING day that I will always cherish and remember, the one memory I can’t seem to shake is that I have no pictures of my mother zipping me in to my wedding dress. I have no memories of our families mingling together, relaxing and enjoying the day, since they were all going above and beyond the day of to help create and bring together my perfect day.


It was then that I realized no bride should have to experience the same. And so, Whatever Is Lovely Events was brought to life. You should never have to feel overworked or underwhelmed on your wedding day! Take confidence in the fact that we are here to support you, as much or little as you need. We’ve been right where you are, so we get it! Whether you have a vision for your perfect day, or you’d like to collaborate and create one together, we are here to bring your dreams to reality. Your Love is Our Inspiration!